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Welcome to Marquis Executive Suites

Welcome to Marquis Executive Suites!Our MissionDesigned and built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Marquis Executive Suites is a collaborative, shared workspace that serves to inspire new and established businesses to accomplish their largest goals. We believe your office should work for you by fostering a supportive, flexible environment, while you focus on what really matters - cultivating and growing your business. 
Our StoryWe are delighted to announce the Marquis Group's newest venture, Marquis Executive Suites, is set to open this September, 2019! We offer private office suites to accommodate up to eight members and shared coworking space, all designed specifically for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses. As an entrepreneur himself, our CEO recognized the growing need for a space that gave individuals the ability to focus on meeting their business goals while simultaneously being part of a like-minded, hardworking community. Starting a small business can be a gamble, …